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Get Nerdy Philly !

Every year since 2011, the Franklin Institute has organized a week of events that celebrate science - we call it the Philadelphia Science Festival. As a young mother, I enjoyed taking my children to the Carnival and watching them learn all about science.

In 2018 I finally was able to participate in the Festival with my 500 Women Scientists Philly Pod. It's an incredible amount of work, but we learned so much and had a lot of fun. Watching someone's eyes light up when they observe and learn is so worthwhile. Communicating my love of science has been fulfilling and life changing. I have gained new skills, conquered a large amount of my social anxiety and had tons of fun with some new friends.



This year we participated in Science in the National Park and the Carnival. The Carnival was May 4th, Star Wars Day, so we got a chance to geek out even more than we normally do. We taught kids about how habitats and animal adaptations are important as well as the importance of pollinating insects.

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